Oscar Fonts

Freelance Geospatial Developer

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  • GeoPoster

    Work in progress
    Leaflet Bootstrap PostGIS


    The simplest collaborative map.

    Share a collection of markers with an associated rich description. Editable inline by any collaborator.

    Oscar Fonts Micho García

  • GeoExplorer Castellbisbal

    Work in progress
    GeoExplorer GeoServer PostGIS


    A customization of the OpenGeo Suite.

    The municipality of Castellbisbal is using the OpenGeo Suite to manage all their geospatial information, both internal and public. We added some custom functionality to the GeoExplorer viewer.

    Oscar Fonts Martí Pericay

  • Geocalc

    March 2013


    Geodetic Calculator based on GeoTools.

    Converts coordinates between any pair of EPSG Coordinate Reference Systems. Easy to integrate into any Java application, can be used also as a command-line tool.

    Includes spanish NTv2 Grid Shift for accurate transforms from ED50 to ETRS89 (and WGS84).

    Oscar Fonts

  • Mapa Literari Català

    February 2013
    Leaflet jQuery Django


    Web mapping application with multimedia contents.

    Reduced the page load time by a 10x factor by replacing Google Maps API with Leaflet JS and optimizing Django database queries.

    Oscar Fonts

  • National Forest Monitoring Systems for UN REDD

    June-December 2012
    OpenLayers GeoServer GeoBatch GeoStore


    Automatic ingestion of time-dependant remote sensing data. Real-time statistics calculation via multithreaded WPS.

    Pushing for in-country capacitation in open geospatial tools.

    GeoSolutions team Oscar Fonts Stefano Giaccio

  • NTv2 coordinate transforms in GeoTools and GeoServer

    April 2012
    GeoTools GeoServer jGridShift


    Incorporating NTv2 Grid Shift transforms into GeoTools and GeoServer. Update to the NADCON transforms.

    Demo Reprojection Console in GeoServer. Possibility to define custom transforms, overriding EPSG definitions.

    Oscar Fonts Andrea Aime

  • Mapa d'Activitats RuralActiu

    March 2012
    Leaflet jQuery CartoDB


    Minimalistic mobile-friendly map viewer.

    Exploring the potential of CartoDB in a 12-hour code sprint in Portavella.

    Oscar Fonts Micho García Fernando González

  • Integrated Carbon Observation System

    Year 2011
    OpenLayers GeoExt ExtJS GeoNetwork Thredds


    NetCDF Climatic Data Warehouse for scientific uses.

    Internal catalog indexed by GeoNetwork, transforming from NetCDF CF conventions to ISO 19115 metadata.

    User interface to query and download data packages, hiding the underlying complexities.

    Oscar Fonts Micho García Fernando González